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  • I am experiencing a similar problem to one already mentioned in this forum

    We have 2 PCs at home.  One running Windows Vista Home (me) and the other running Windows 7 (my daughter).  Both PCs have Shareview installed on them.  We are using our different user names for Windows Live for each of the computers.  I log onto Shareview Session on the PC-1 via Windows Live  using the my user name and password I then start a new session as well as start a Share desktop.  I then send an email invite to the user of my 2nd computer with the required url link Session Name and Password.  The user of this 2nd pc (my daugther) checks the email and clicks on the url web link to join this meeting invite.  She is unable to  connect to the specified meeting but, he gets the error "This Person Is Not Available At This Time" .  Next she tries to join the meeting via Shareview option tool bar. She selects to join a session and enter the Session Name,  then click Join Now and Shareview attempts to connect to the requested session but, she gets the following results again:  "This Person Is Not Available At This Time"  This is not true. Can someone tell me why or what am I doing wrong?  I can not start a Shareview Session.  Help Please!

    PD We have Firewalls installed on both machines and they have been temporaly disabled (15 mins)

    Sunday, August 29, 2010 3:17 PM

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  • I got hung up on this too - the prompts from Shared View lead to confustion.  Here is how it seems to be designed:

    Jane logs into SharedView and generates an email message to join a session, then presses the START button to actually start the session.  The program says "creating the session".

    Tarzan gets the email invitation wtih a link to join the session.  He clicks the link, and accepts the request to download a small program.  Then Tarzan notices that he is "Searching for the session".

    Jane is sitting there knitting and does not know that her PC displays the message "Tarzan wants to join the session" and she fails to click the "Allow" button.

    Jane and Tarzan are now frustrated because she did not watch out for this additional step where she MUST CLICK "ALLOW" TO ALLOW TARZAN  (WHOM SHE INVITED) TO ACTUALLY JOIN.  Tarzan thinks the program is stupid because it only says "Searching for the session" instead of saying "requesting host's permission to accept you into the session". 

    So, to be less confusing, especially for first time users, the program could have told Jane that she had two steps to perform - first invite Tarzan and then watch for him to ask to join her session.  It could have also told Tarzan that he will not automatically join, but that the host Jane must pay attention and actually answer Tarzan's answered invitation.

    Since this extra security step is not intuitive, Microsoft should do better to explain it for us first time users.  How many just abandoned this program thinking their network does not support it?  That is how it comes across.


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