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  •  i recently bought a hp ex475 mediasmart server and the single biggest problem i had with installing it was the color scheme...  i am legally blind and i have to use a high contrast black color scheme which is available on win xp or vista. much to my surprised it was not an option in windows home server.

     for me looking at the console is like looking at the sun without proper protection. the bright background wipes out the text, so i am forced to ask for help from my wife or friends whenever i use whs to do any work or updates

     is there an add on (beside windowsblinds that is available to people like me? is there a way to import the color schemes from vista into the console? unless there is something i will continue to find using whs a visually painful experience..


     "legally blind joe"

    Monday, December 24, 2007 10:01 PM

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  • That is a fantastic idea and I couldn’t agree more (even though my sight is fine) ... unfortunately it looks like that is something that is likely only going to be able to be implemented by Microsoft (instead of third party developers as I’d hoped for a temporary solution for you) because the majority of the visual controls used by the Home Server Console do not easily support different color schemes... but instead use hard coded values.

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007 2:18 AM
  •  thanks for the kind words. i will tell it has been a bit of a challenge in dealing with software with gui's that have very bright backgrounds. take for example.. itunes for windows....... i am unable to use it due to its fixed color scheme. i have written apple about it many, many times and have gotten no response other than a simple thank you for your feedback, etc...

     one of the reasons i went to vista was for the first since media player nine in windows xp  i was able to see and use media player with a high contrast black scheme. it felt really good to be able use it quickly and without help from others.

     it was the same with internet explorer as well. there i made one change in tools>options>accessabilities, and that was to click the bottom and top options that allowed me to choose my own fonts and colors. other than that, it worked great.

     i could give you many examples, but i think you get the picture.  with windows home server i see a great product that i want to dive into and have fun with and i think as time goes on, the color schemes will become available to me.

     i do wish that high contrast black was available in vista's aero interface instead of the featureless 2d that it is. what you take for granted with a normal desktop color i can do pretty much the same using my high contrast black color scheme.

    whew! sorry about the long winded words.... hope you all have a good xmas

    thanks again



    Tuesday, December 25, 2007 4:01 AM
  • Joe, this is a good suggestion, and you should definitely post it on Connect. However, there are challenges to what you're asking for that aren't obvious.

    First, the Windows Home Server console isn't running on the client PC desktop. It's actually an application running directly on the server, and brought to your desktop through a Remote Desktop connection. Unfortunately, the console doesn't really honor the color scheme setting in a useful way; I just tried it and I suspect that you will find the results even less readable than at present.

    Second, at present, add-ins (like the HP MediaSmart Server add-in you see when the console first starts up) don't neccessarily honor the color scheme as set on the server. Since all the tabs and settings pages are really add-ins, you might find that a particular tool that you really want to use isn't usable in any color scheme other than Windows standard.
    Tuesday, December 25, 2007 3:07 PM