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  • I've got a homebrew WHS server with 7.5TB of storage on 6 disks that I built nearly a year ago. I have a number of systems in the house that are connected and have "Offline Files" set to sync the main shares (including "Photos").

    In general it's working just beautifully...except...

    We recently got back from vacation and dumped about 4GB of photos and videos to the WHS server. They imported just fine, however, I've noticed that as we rotate or tag images, some of them will fail on the server side. That is, the system shows as "Online" and the local copy looks good, but if you look directly on the server the file is missing and a ~XXXX.tmp file is left in its place. The status of the individual files affected is "Offline (needs sync)" and, in fact, if I remove the TMP file from the server I can easily sync that file (it asks if I want to copy to the server or delete) and everything's fine.

    The initial imports NEVER seem to fail, only attempts to rotate or tag shortly thereafter. This leads me to believe it has something to do with either "Offline Files" or the WHS copying the file around and leaving some kind of lock preventing it from updating properly. Or perhaps a combination of the two.

    I'm considering turning off "Offline Files" one one system and performing an import to see if the problem goes away, but I haven't had 

    Has anyone experienced this?

    Is there a known issue at work here or an idea for a fix/workaround?



    Thursday, November 11, 2010 9:17 PM

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  • I've been told that offline files will not work properly with whs, as it will only sync tombstones and not the actual files.

    The offline files could be the reason all this is happening, but as I haven't used offline files myself, I have no way to tell for sure.

    Friday, November 12, 2010 8:49 AM
  • I've been using offline files very successfully with WHS -- I maintain a personal documents folder on my work notebook, for example, that I use while "offline" and the sync has worked perfectly. I use offline files on some home systems because I store the desktops, documents, etc. on the WHS and want to ensure they're available in the event the WHS system reboots or crashes. I use offline files for the other content - Photos, Videos, Music - as a way of making silent "backup" copies of those files since there's no automatic way to back them up on a schedule from the WHS.

    I've experienced a few file conflicts -- most of the time I understand why -- but otherwise it's worked beautifully.

    I'm going to turn it off for the Photos directory on a desktop and try tagging photos again to see what happens. My other thought is that I have at least 3 systems that use the photos for the Windows 7 screensaver -- two MCEs and one Win 7.

    I wonder if the screensaver is locking some of the photo files that I'm trying to tag?


    Friday, November 12, 2010 1:18 PM