Server 2003 64bit Compatible Issue with FILE ZILLA Software RRS feed

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    I am having windows server 2003 64 bit (SP2) version with me, i have installed web hosting software HELM  on it, with it one additional software FILEZILLA too on the server. FILEZILLA is working individually but not working with HELM, but same works in 32bit edition.


    Acc. to the HELM developer

    "If your running on 64bit, I would expect the problem is that Helm is looking at the 64bit registry and FileZilla installed to the 32bit registry location for the FileZilla Install Path.

    A work around would be to find the FileZilla Reg and export the entire Key (inc data) under the (x86 tree) to the same location under 64bit tree - which is where you'd expect the data to be.. You just have to copy it from (x86) to the proper location.

    That should fix the Helm problem".


    Please help me in resolving this.........


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    Simranjeet Singh 

    Monday, May 12, 2008 6:30 AM