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  • I am using SyncToy to echo a set of folders and files from a network file server to my laptop.  I absolutely have to bring across the windows metadata - especially keywords.  For some files (e.g. DOC, XLS, JPG) this is stored in the file itself, and comes across just fine.  But other files (e.g. TXT, PDF) this is stored in the NTFS Alternate Data Stream -- and in this case, the metadata doesn't seem to be coming across.  

    To reproduce:  

    • On the network drive, assign "foobar" as a keyword to a test.txt file that has any contents (you can assign by right-mouse-clicking, choosing Properties, choosing the Summary tab, typing the keyword, and choosing OK).
    • Use a windows drag-and-drop to copy the test.txt file to a local directory on your computer. Check that the keyword foobar is still assigned by opening Properties - Summary for the file.
    • Now ... use SyncToy v2 to bring the file across to your local computer. If you choose Properties - Summary, the "foobar" keyword is missing.
    • (Note that if you do the same thing with a word document, the keyword will come across in both scenarios.)

    Can anyone provide help for me as to whether there is a way to get SyncToy to bring this ADS metadata across from computer to computer? Or is this a bug in SyncToy?
    Thanks so much!

    Thursday, October 16, 2008 6:00 PM

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  • Seems SyncToy not handle NTFS streams at all.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009 3:06 PM