OC(TLS) --> OCS (TLS) --> Mediation Server (TLS)--> Asterisk(TLS) -->Eyebeam (TLS) ==> Not working..! RRS feed

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    Hi All,


    I just tried to integrate Mediation Server with Asterisk to connect from OC to SIP/Analog phones and vice versa.


    With TCP as transport, the below topology is working fine.


    OC 2007 (TCP) --> OCS 2007 (TCP) --> Mediation Server (TCP)--> Asterisk(TCP) -->Eyebeam (TCP)


    But facing few certificate problems, when I tried with TLS.


    Created Self Signed SSL Server & Client Certificates and used Server Certs at Asterisk & Client Certs at two Eyebeam clients. All the SIP calls worked perfectly between the Eyebeam clients thru Asterisk.


    Then, I tried with the below topology to connect Mediation Server with Asterisk. TLS handshake is failing between the Mediation Server & Asterisk and getting an exception "SSL routinesTongue TiedSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol".


    OC 2007 (TLS) --> OCS 2007 (TLS) --> Mediation Server (TLS)----X-----> Asterisk v1.6 (TLS) -->Eyebeam (TLS)



    How the Certificates will be generated and used between the Mediation Server & Asterisk for successful TLS handshake?


    Could anybody please help me out in resolving this issue?


    Would appreciate your efforts.





    Monday, December 1, 2008 12:13 PM

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