Help with permanently deleting files RRS feed

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  • I searchered around the internet for ways in which to permanently delete files, and decided the best ways were to use eraser, i mananged to delete all the files successfully, but i decided to perform a system restore just to make sure, and the files were back in the same place where the were orignally, i had them saved in a folder called fg in the vista C: drive, used eraser to delete them, used system restore and they were back in the fg folder. So i then used the program bc wipe, and used a system restore again, only to find that the exact same had happened. I then moved all of the files from the fg folder into my own documents and repeated the process of deleting the files and using system restore, and the files had returned to the fg folder. Can anybody help me? I want to have these files permanently deleted, even after I have double checked using a system restore.

    Many Thanks.

    Friday, August 27, 2010 3:52 PM