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  • Hello,

    I'm completely new to Windows Phone and the Windows galaxy in general as far as programming goes. For a project of a phone app that has to run on a windows phone, I started reading about what framework, languages, architecture, etc. I should use... but to be honest I can't quite understand everything.

    One of the problems I encountered is that things change very quickly. For example, some answers on forums say that browsers in Windows Phone will most likely not support HTML5. However, there are many online tutorials (for instance here) introducing ASP.NET MVC 4 and how it is appropriate for mobile apps.

    I would personally like to go the "HTML5+javascript" way instead of learning how to develop with Silverlight, which apparently will be (or has been?) discontinued by Microsoft. However, my first concern is evidently to be able to create an application that works!

    So with that in mind, my questions are the following:

    • My impression is that HTML5+JS is being introduced in replacement of Silverlight and will be more used in the future. Is that correct?
    • Knowing that I have to build an app which should be able to play videos and audio, record audio, and connect to a library to do some speech processing in the background, should I rather use Silverlight to be on the safe side, or would ASP.NET MVC 4 work as well? 
    • Are there limitations to using HTML5+JS as compared to Silverlight or the other way around?
    • Can you package a web app (i.e. using HTML5+JS) to be used locally on the phone if there is no access to a distant server?

    Any specific pointers or answers on these specific issues will be more than welcome! :)


    Friday, April 20, 2012 6:15 AM


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