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  • I have a new set of applications I am designing which are occassionally connected, and seem to be a perfect case for the Sync Framework.  Specifically, I have the following situation:

    1. Client A is a Lightweight WPF application deployed to many devices
    2. Client B is a small WPF application that can receive updates from multiple Client A devices and merge the data before sending to Server C
    3. Server C is a server based database hidden behind WCF service.
    • Client A cannot talk directly to Server C, and has to go through Client B.
    • Client A has very little data, and is unidirectional to Client B (A to B, never B to A)
    • Client B may import/export data from another Client B
    • Client B to Server C is bidirectional, but partitioned as there may be hundreds or thousands of Client B's running within the organization
    • A, B and C need to have their data protected from prying eyes.

    My thought was to put SQLServerCE on both A and B, but it seems that B can't be SQLServerCE because it needs to act as a server.  I haven't found anything on-line about syncing CE to CE.  Is that possible?  If not, I guess I will have to use SQL Express. 


    I'd appreciate any input in helping me to choose the correct products here, as I am new to the Sync Framework, and want to avoid a false start.








    Monday, December 29, 2008 6:32 PM


  • NodeC is a server as you say. Now NodeB can be made an Express client and use the SQL Express code sample to sync to it as a client. From this node onwards, NodeA can be a SQL CE client. And since you have multiple NodeBs each can be synching among themselves in a peer-to-peer fashion.


    Also to your other question about having NodeA and NodeB as SQL CE clients and enabling sync between them, this is something that we are looking at enabling in the next version of the Sync Services.

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008 1:39 AM