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  • I was trying to find help on this topic in One Care Help but I have always been pointed to this forum.  Search results did not find anything that I could use.  I have an old monitor on my desktop.  Using this monitor gives me a headache.  So what I would like to do is to access my desktop from by laptop which is a lot newer and has an LCD screen.  There is a procedure to use in Windows XP called Remote Desktop.  Since I have One Care I don't know if I should use the procedures for Remote Desktop of if the setup for One Care is a little bit different.  Although I'm not immediately concerned with accessing my desktop from my laptop when I am out of the house with my laptop I guess I wouldn't mind having this capability but for now I am mostly interested in being able to acces my desktop from my laptop while in the house and hooked up to the internet wirelessly.  My laptop is connected to the internet wirelessly through my router.  So my One Care Circle is comprised of two computers-my laptop and my desktop.  The main thing I want to do is access my email messages that go to my desktop from my laptop.    Frank C.  
    Friday, October 9, 2009 4:09 PM


  • Frank, this isn't a feature of OneCare. However, OneCare may prevent it based on the firewall settings.
    You can use Remote Desktop to connect to the desktop PC from the laptop PC as long as the desktop PC is running a supported operating system. XP Home and Vista Home do not support inbound remote desktop connections.
    If you are using XP Professional or Vista Business or Ultimate on the desktop PC you can use Remote Desktop from the laptop. You would need to enable remote connections on the desktop PC under the advanced System settings in Control Panel *and* allow Remote Desktop in the advanced settings for the OneCare firewall (Change settings/firewall/advanced/ports and protocols)

    If all you want to do is access email that is going to your desktop PC, you really should be considering options for how you handle email. If you use a Hotmail account, for example, and use Windows Live Mail to send and receive mail, you can have Windows Live Mail on multiple computers and they will all be in sync with the server folders. This will not work for most ISP mail as they would use POP/SMTP. You would not be able to Sync your mail, but you can choose which machine is the "primary" that will delete messages from the server after download. You might configure the desktop to delete messages 3 days after they are downloaded, for example, only on the desktop PC. That means that any mail you read on the desktop will also be picked up by the laptop unless 3 days has elapsed since you last checked for mail from the laptop.
    I hope that makes sense and helps.

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    Friday, October 9, 2009 4:43 PM