Using ICE to combine TIF line-art doucments that were scanned.... issues RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to find a solution to combine monochrome (B&W) TIFF line-art images that were produced by scanning a larger document in several parts.

    The input data is, for example, 3 TIFF files that when combined in a line, form one long TIFF file that is an engineering document. 

    The files overlap a small mount.... its engineering documents so most of the document is whitespace, but there are clearly recognizable features such as lines, circles, arcs, and in many cases, easy hints such as a border frame of horizontal/vertical lines around the entire document.

    ICE seems to not be able to master this.


    For one thing, in ICE, I don't seem to have any control over the way ICE positions the images for merging.  If the files are called 1.tiff, 2.tiff, 3.tiff, and I select them in the dialog, it doesn't want to put 2.tiff in the middle.. and once they are read in, I cannot move the order.  But this isn't critical, because what I need is to do this all from the command line as I'll have to batch process images.  However, even if I specify the images on the command line, it gets the orders wrong.  So if I run ICE 3.tiff 2.tiff 1.tiff, which is the right order for combining them from left to right, the result  the wrong ends of 1 and 3 combined and 2 doesn't even show up. 

    So can one specify the camera motion and output file on the command line?

    Why is ICE having such problems with monochrome TIFF images?


    Additionally, these are landscape orientation TIFF images (shown correctly by the Windows Picture Viewer) but ICE treats them as portrait and stitches them together in a portrait arrangement. ( so while it should produce output that is 3 on left, 2 in middle, 1 on right, it produces the sequence 1 on top, 3 on bottom and 2 not anywhere)  I'm wondering if there is a problem with the ICE tiff reading code that is getting the file orientations wrong or something. 



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