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  • Vista Ultimate 64 bit OS, using HP-6980 TCP/IP network printer, and 1-Care

    1 care has arbitarily put my TCP printer offline, and I can't find anyplace or way to change it back.. I tried most of the stuff mentioned. Turned off password, which I never turned on, cleared and refreshed, made sure it was shared, even tried turning off the firewall...

    I don't need a program to tell me what to do (ask me, and abide by my dicision is the right course), which 1 Care does with impunity, or to do something like this without asking for my consent. Everything was working fine (last printed 1/21/08) . I tried to print once since 1 Care was updated, but was in a hurry and just printed it from a Win 2000 machine, . I don't use the printer often, but I need it today, 2/16/08 and I find this mess..

    1. How do I put my printer back onlne and stop 1-Care from every doing this again?? I am capable to handling my printer.. I don't need some stupid abritrary program doing this..

    Sorry to be so direct, but this is rediculous. I've got a ton of printing to do, and don't really have time for this

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    At this point your,


    Sunday, February 17, 2008 2:07 AM


  • I moved your post to the Firewall topic as it isn't a Printer Sharing issue with OneCare, but your ability to access your network printer.

    Open OneCare, click on Change Settings, click on the Configure Firewall tab and make sure that you network is identified as Home or Work. If not, click change settings.

    You may need to remove the printer from Windows and add it back in again (Control Panel/Printers), but that should not be needed.



    Sunday, February 17, 2008 8:13 PM