Suggestion for better structuring RRS feed

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  • To make finding answers and answering questions easier, it would be heplful to provide an additional view in alphabetical order wherever that's possible. One condition would be to force users to enter a specific topic added to their "title" field.

    Two examples:
    1) The Technet "Win7 Hardware Compatibility" and "Application Compatibility" forums could be surveyed much better if the users were forced to fill out a field containing the "device type" resp. "application" they refer to, followed by the problem description in the "title" field. A field for "general" questions could be provided,  too. This would make an alphabetical ordering possible, and you could find questions/answers about "Adobe Reader" (f.i.) compatibility definitely easier, if that is your point of interest.
    2) The same goes for forums like the "Answers - Gaming" one. Force the user to specify the game he wants to speak about (again, providing a field for "general gaming questions", too), and one could finally get an easy overview of the issues asked and answered about that specific game, looking at an alphabetical listing.

    Aside being useful for finding topics, this measure could also contribute to educate users being more specific in their problem descriptions (less generic "I need help" titles). Of course, this is not meant as a suggestion to replace the old structure (as sorting by date/time has it's uses, too), but as an additional offer (if the forums software allows it, which I don't know). Also, it's obvious that some forums can't be structured in that way ("Miscellaneous" - the name says all) but some others can.

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    Wednesday, December 29, 2010 10:58 AM