This device is synchronizing but cannot be remotely accessed RRS feed

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  • What happened to live mesh?  It used to be so stable before.  I am having all types of issues.  The first major issue is this error message

    "This device is synchronizing but cannot be remotely accessed. Check the Live Mesh notifier on the device to see if Live Mesh remote desktop enhancements need to be installed."

    I am connected to the remote machine.  All of sudden I get disconnected and the machine is put in this weird state.  I either have to call someone and ask them to reboot the computer or drive over to the computer and reboot it myself.  I guess one of the moe services need to be restarted or something but I have just been rebooting the machine.  This just started happening in the last two weeks.  

    The other issue I am having is with random disconnects.  I did not really see them to much before (i have been using for a couple months when was preview).  Now they happen all the time.  Reconnect doesn't work and the mesh rdp client locks up and I have to close it in task manager.  

    Because of these issues live mesh rdp is unusable for me.  Anyone else having these issues or are there any plans to fix?  
    Saturday, December 6, 2008 10:17 AM


  • Sounds like a case for the logs... I've always found the Live Mesh rdp to be slower than normal remote dekstop (hence I use unfortunately am stuck with normal RDP, which is more of a pain to configure, but has the speed benefit), but I've always found it reliable.

    Collect the logs from both machines and send them into lmprev@microsoft.com

    To collect your logs:

    1.  Click Start.
    2.  Select All Programs and look for the Live Mesh folder.
    3.  Click
    Collect Live Mesh Logs.
    4.  Your logs will be bundled together in a cab file now located on your desktop.

    When they find a fix - post it back here for everyone to read :) 
    Sunday, December 7, 2008 12:38 AM