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  • Dear Scripting guys,

    My name is Mark and i'm an engineer. We use Solid Edge for our base CAD modelling and are currently in testing phase to implement SEDM. SEDM is a basic PLM Software package included with Solid Edge.

    Windows explorer is used to view the SEDM vault folder.  For the first setup of this folder, I selected all the columns in the folder view i required. I applied this folder style to all sub folders through folder properties dialog and folder options dialog. I turned off my pc and now i need to reset the view. The complete template I have set up is missing. If this problem occurs for each colleague, I have to reset the folder templates for each colleague on monday and tell them not to turn off their pc. But then this task will become a standard task for me to do first thing in the morning each monday (we are working with 15 Solid Edge users). So i was thinking of a sort of batch file to setup the folder template on it's own. Then each colleague just run's the batch file, or I put the batch file in the startup folder of windows. So this so called batch file should be doing the following:

    -go to the folder of the SEDM Vault

    -Right click on a column > more

    -Turn on the view for specific columns for example: Title, SE Status, Author, Name (and if possible with a fixed column width for each)

    -Apply this to each sub folder


    Still haven't found a good solution for my problem. Any help is welcome and if someone has found any work arround i'm glad to hear this.


    Thanks in advance,



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    Monday, July 15, 2019 12:01 PM

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  • You are clearly not a computer engineer.

    We no longer use batch files as PowerShell is much easier and more powerful. We also cannot write this for you. There is no way to guess at what your system needs. I recommend contacting the vendor of your software for assistance.

    Please carefully review the following links to set your expectation for posting in  technical forums.

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    Monday, July 15, 2019 1:00 PM
  • Dear jrv, thanks for your fast reply. Thank you for notice, i'm indeed just a mechanical engineer. Software is still something i only use and coding/scripting is something i don't know about. I also fully understand that you cannot just simply help me to write this for me. I have to do this myself. But I need to start somewhere.

    So thank you for your tip about PowerShell. I will definitely look into this. I think a simple work around for my question would be to simply export the particular registry after I have setup the folder template structure, and then import this registry to the selected users. So this means i have to start by finding the correct registry. If i've found a solution i'll keep you updated.



    Monday, July 15, 2019 3:50 PM
  • Your best bet would be if you can dedicate one of the primary folder types (Generic, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos) to your SEDM Vault. Then, once you set the columns to your liking, you can use Apply to folders to set your layout as the custom template for that folder type. The downside is that this affects all folders of a type, not just subfolders within a hierarchy.

    When you enable inheritance ("also apply this template to all subfolders"), you are only specifying the folder type to be applied, the column layout when a subfolder is opened for the first time is governed by the template, not the parent folder.

    A custom template created using Apply to folders can be easily exported and copied to other computers. These are found under:


    The values are:

    PSChildName                            name
    -----------                            ----
    {5c4f28b5-f869-4e84-8e60-f11db97c5cc7} Generic
    {5fa96407-7e77-483c-ac93-691d05850de8} Videos
    {7d49d726-3c21-4f05-99aa-fdc2c9474656} Documents
    {94d6ddcc-4a68-4175-a374-bd584a510b78} Music
    {b3690e58-e961-423b-b687-386ebfd83239} Pictures

    The problem with trying to copy/share an individual saved view is that these are stored under:

    HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags

    in numbered subkeys. The keys accumulate as folders are opened & views are saved, so there is no correspondence from machine to machine.


    Monday, July 15, 2019 4:39 PM
  • Keith, thanks for your reply. I tried your method according:

    1. Opened the music folder (is empty)

    2. added columns for example i added path

    3. view > options > apply to all folders (folder is optimized for Music)

    4. regedit > exported defaults registry to desktop

    5. removed path column from folder view

    6. view > options > apply to all folders (folder is optimized for Music)

    7. double clicked the registry file from desktop > added keys to registry

    8. I open the music folder and the path column does not show

    Am I missing a step or is my approach wrong?

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 8:02 AM
  • This is not a scripting question. This is not the right forum for this question.

    -- Bill Stewart [Bill_Stewart]

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 1:20 PM