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  • Okay, so I love my Windows Phone. I think the OS is the best mobile OS I've used. Top banana.
    I switched from Android just because I liked how the Windows OS looked to work, and I knew I'd be giving up mobile games to a large extent. Again, fine. I could stand to waste less time tapping coloured lights in sequence.
    I got a free trial of an Android tablet recently and was reassured I hadn't been missing much. Games are generally much of a muchness.. but I am concerned about app developments that tie in with my Windows PC, or the Surface I'm considering.
    It's common enough knowledge that a lot of people like Windows PCs as a gaming platform, but there's no official Steam app, where there is for Android. Games with tie-in apps, like Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. Not app games, but apps for games. Games PC owners are playing. 
    There are even browser games with apps coming out who have no intention of development on the Windows mobile platform, despite the fact it's apparently quite simple to port these things from desktop versions. There are apps for Windows PC on steam that aren't in the windows app market.

    I'm not sure whether Microsoft approaches companies about these developments, or even might consider subsidising development of certain key apps, but I feel their inclusion, while it might not necessarily boost interest, would at least give people one less reason not to try it. 
    Honestly? I think they'd like it if they did.

    I know you're probably working on a lot of the productivity and connectivity stuff, but it would be a mistake to neglect that area where the PC currently stands alone, and is starting to conspicuously so.

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