Synctoy 2 errors with CD-RW RRS feed

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  • Anyone else having this problem?:

    When I ECHO a folder pair where the right folder is on a CD-RW, the echo proceeds correctly, but I get an error message for all of the folders on the CD saying that it cannot create the folders because they already exist.  This is true, they already exist, and they do not need to be updated.
    The folders do not appear in the Preview screen (only some files, which is correct), yet Synctoy tries to update all the folders, even though they do not appear in the Preview.  For some reason it can't, and gives an error for all folders, even though it ahs updated the files correctly.  I even erased the cd and recreated everything, but I still get the error message (but no error that I can detect!)

    Synctoy 2, XP SP3, Using DirectCD to write directly to CD-RW like a disk.  Didn't happen in 1.4.
    Monday, March 9, 2009 6:48 PM