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    I have a couple of questions about the above processes that seem to continually be running on my system.

    Firstly, is there a difference between them? If so, what?.

    Secondly, there have been numerous times (more so since the last Insiders Ring update) that I've noticed the Microsoft Compatability Telemetry is running at least 3 and sometimes more of the same process, namely the CompatTelRunner.exe. As of writing this, I have 3 copies of it running in the background, 2 of which are showing disk activity, the 3rd one, zero disk activity.

    Thirdly, I know that being part of the insiders ring that the telemetry must be turned on, but does Microsoft have to run the Connected User Experience and Telemetry EVERY hour or so? If I'm trying to browse the net, it seems to kick in, if I'm playing a game, it kicks in, slowing my pc right down. If I call up task manager and close the process, within half an hour, it's automatically started AGAIN. Is there ANY way I can have it run the telemetry thing ONCE a day, say as soon as I boot up the system and then that's it? The process I'm talking about is marked as 'Service Host:UtcSvc' and the process is 'svchost.exe'.

    If I turn off the collection of the telemetry data, does it affect the insiders ring, and if so, how exactly? It seems that my hard drive is now CONSTANTLY churning due to these processes continually kicking in.

    I have ran both the latest versions of Malawarebytes and Windows Security (Defender) and both have come back clean bill of health.

    (During writing this section of the question, the Connected User Experience and Telemetry has risen to over 80 Megs/sec hard disk use, and the Compatability Telemetry to 3 Megs/sec).

    This constant collection of data is really frustraiting, and I'm beginning to wonder if the constant churning of the Hard Disk is really starting to damage the drive?This post was originally asked in the community forums, and I was e-mailed back to be told to post it here on these forums. I don't know exactly what this would come under, so I hope I can be helped in some way or another.

    Saturday, July 21, 2018 12:36 AM