Web Application using VS 2015 and VB - Updating a Listview entry that is ALREADY displayed on the screen. RRS feed

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  • The following is used to up date a Listview entry in a Windows application.   What code I use to update a ListView in a Web Application using VS2015 and VB.  Any example would be appreciated.

    ListView_Budget.BeginUpdate() If .dstatus = "????" Then lvi.SubItems(0).ForeColor = Color.Red Else

    lvi.SubItems(0).ForeColor = Color.Black

    End If lvi.Text = .ddate lvi.SubItems(1).Text = .ddesc lvi.SubItems(2).Text = .ddebit lvi.SubItems(3).Text = .dincome lvi.SubItems(4).Text = .dmeth lvi.SubItems(5).Text = .dcate lvi.SubItems(6).Text = .dstatus lvi.SubItems(7).Text = .dtype lvi.SubItems(8).Text = .dcomm ListView_Budget.EndUpdate()


    Sunday, March 25, 2018 6:41 PM