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  • I am not a computer expert but i have had to do a reload of my windows xp and the master cd that i created when i first purchased the computer did not work i have been told by pc world that it needs a tatoo which is missing and is something to do with a bundle of software that came with my computer and it is going to cost me a lot of money to take it in to be repaired. This is rediculous i have purchased a computer with a legal copy of xp on it and i dont have a copy of the system to put back on so have been forced to put a copy version on it from another computer this obviously limits my use because stupid microsoft having the monopoly decides to block updates and things. Ever likely we have virus and spyware out there attacking us. How many computers like mine unprotected because microsoft ignorantly could not care less about anything other than its massive billions of profits to worry about the everyday users spreading virus and having to pay through the nose for repairs more profit for microsoft it stinks
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