Script to add update netbios target to FQDN targets in DFS using DFSCMD/DFSutil RRS feed

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  • Hi ,

         Need help.I have got 1 namespace running on 3 servers.Earlier these were set up to use netbios name for the folder targets .Now we would like them to have FQDN .

    Here is what I am exactly trying to achieve:

    1. Add FQDN target to each folder with a NETBIOS target. Some folders have FQDN targets so they should be skipped.
    2. Then remove NETBIOS target where FQDN target has been added in step 1.
    "dfscmd /view" can be use to make a list of targets that can be used to perform the above two steps in sequence, with a script, one folder at a time.
    eg. for /f %i in ('dfscmd /view .... ') do dfsutil target ... 

    Only reason to use the script is not have any downtime and namespaces can remain online.

    Appreciate the help in advance.




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  • This is not the correct forum for asking questions about DFS utilities.

    Changing the name of a namespace will make it inaccessible for a time and may cause clients to fail or disconnect.

    Post here for DFS: Windows Server File Services and Storage


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  • To Avoid the downtime,I am assuming the script would be able to first add FQDN target and then in the next step remove the target with netbios.

    Also I am looking for a script to make use of those Dfscmd/dfsutil hence thought of putting it up for the scripting guys ;) Ok ,will ask in that forum also.


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