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    It would be great if as users we could run through the list of potential data connections on our phones and issue a priority to each one, for example if there is a WiFi connection available then use that as first choice as it is much faster, second option is phone operator's network as it is slow and expensive.  As pointed out to me on the above thread, it is currently possible to choose one connection to be used, but not assign a priority to others.

    Naturally the phone should then hot-swap up and down the list as physical connections become available and go out of range, without impacting the performance of currently active transmissions.  Software uploading/downloading data should be made independent of the specific connection so that Windows can make & break additional connections and swap the feed over mid-transmission.  For example ActiveSync is actively syncing (sorry!!) using my mobile service provider's network when I wander into range of my WiFi, so Windows connects automatically in the background and swaps the ActiveSync connection over to the faster connection mid-stream without any loss of data.

    I guess I'm suggesting that software connects to a generic Windows "Data Connection".  Windows itself determines behind the scenes which service will be used to actually provide that data and is capable of swapping service provider mid-stream without affecting the calling application.

    I hope I've made my thoughts clear, please drop me a line if more clarity is needed.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Thursday, November 12, 2009 12:42 PM


  • Thank you for the connections prioritization suggestion Andy. I'm marking this thread as answered just for internal tracking purposes but folks can continue to post and dialog about your ideas. The thread stays open for viewing and comments.
    Thank you from the Windows phone team
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