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  • Ok, I have a question for the CRM Gods, and its a little bit tricky.  I'm working on developing a report for SQL Server that will show the results of a daily executed Duplicate Detection job.  The job will have the same name, and be executed each morning. 

    By doing so, it this way I know I can write sql to query the DuplicateRecord table and join it to the AsyncOperations tables.  By doing so I can get  a list of the records that have duplicates based on the published rules.

    The problem is the other side of that Duplicate Detection screen.  Whe I look at each duplicate record generated, it seems to be listing the base record, and a single duplicate.  Which is fine, except that I know in some cases, when you go to save these records it will show 3-4 possibles based on the duplication rules.  Where in the database would I find those 3-4 potential duplicate records that I might be able to display them in the report.

    Any thoughts?

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010 3:43 PM

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  • Hi KmackGFNet,

    Can I just clarify your assertion:

    When you save a potential duplicate record, the potential duplicate window pops up to show several potential duplicates, but when you run a duplicate detection job then then only 1 potential duplicate is highlighted.

    I think that the on save duplicate detection process and the duplicate detection job should both show the same results, and I've never seen the issue you've mentioned.

    Can you give me some example data so that I can try and reproduce this issue? I'd like a few sample records and the details of your duplicate detection rules for that entity.

    Regards, Neil

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    Sunday, November 7, 2010 7:49 PM