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  • Hi all,
    Does anyone have any experience using CRM 4.0 with upgraded SQL SERVER 2005?
    If I install  SQL SERVER 2005 and then upgrade it to 2008 does a CRM 4.0 configurtion database
     ###of SQL SERVER 2008###  
    will work with no errors (server, client for outlook, SSRS) 
    ### on the upgraded SQL SERVER 2005? ###
    (we do not want to use the patched 2008 SQL SERVER, already tried it ).

    one more question:
    Suppose I have a downgraded database  of 2008 to 2005. Is it going to work on 2005?  I amended the compatablity
    issue but I see on the  downgraded  mdf file , on the tables list a table of the patches (done manually using xml and command prompt) and I wonder If these patches will not interfere  when the downgrade database will be attached
    to a non upgraded SQL SERVER 2005...

    Did any of you come across a resource that really explains the differences between SQL SERVER 2005 and SQL SERVER 2008 in the context of CRM 4.0? "Increased security" does not say anything to me... I need to know what will work
    and what won't and how to refer to it in transact sql. I can remove the bad things out of the sql server 2008 database
    using sql , but I have to know what should be removed,  in particular,   what are the differences between upgraded SQL SERVER 2005 and  out of the box SQL SERVER 2008?  I think this kind of information should be given, otherwise how can
    a DBA manipulate these versions? Note that we did follow everything we found about fixing this new  out of the box 2008 but eventually it failed. SQL SERVER 2008, for us, is not a good option, since we used all the patches and they are
    not designed good engough to maintain those new features (which I don't know what they exactly are)...

    Is an  upgraded 2005 more reliable than 2008 in the context of CRM (including ssrs)?

    Thanks a lot!
    Sunday, June 28, 2009 8:11 AM


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