Lookup View in Outlook Client does not show record just created RRS feed

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  • Is there a setting or configuration value that can be changed that would account for the following situation?

    In CRM 4.0 and I believe in 2011 (though have not been able to reproduce consistently in 2011) I perform the following steps

    1. Receive email

    2. Open email and use the 'Track in CRM' option (outlook for 4.0 client is being used)

    3. Set regarding. When lookup view box appears I select a custom entity and then select to create a new record of that type. Complete required fields and save. Back on the outlook client the lookup view's search box shows the custom entity record I just created and that one record (and only one) appears on the look up view results. This is what was expected.

    Scenario 2 using CRM 2011 - Outlook client 4.0 still being used

    Same steps as above but a different custom entity is chosen. However after saving/closing the newly created record the search box as metioned shows all records from that entity . We want it to show only the newly created record as occurs with the first example above.  Cannot find what may be accounting for this behavior.


    Saturday, June 28, 2014 3:09 AM