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    I have a 160GB HD and a 1TB HD. Both are internal. Which drive should I install the WHS OS to?
    Sunday, December 2, 2007 7:30 PM


  • It is generally recommended that you install WHS to your largest drive, however...


    When WHS is installed, the first drive is split into two partitions and when files are copied to the system via the network, they first end up on the second partition before being moved to one of the secondary physical drives.


    This can limit you if you are copying massive files to the server, meaning that the 1TB drive *could* be preferred, even then there is the potential issue that that drive would never be upgradable or removable without a great deal of work should it fail.


    My setup involves an 80 gig drive as my primary disk and 3x 250 GB drives for the rest of my storage. Because there is more than 2 drives in the system, any files copied to a network share is automatically farmed out to one of the non-system drives, making me feel a little safer that if the POS 80 should die, everything is safe elsewhere.


    If at all possible... you might want to look into picking up one more 1 TB HD and using the 160 Gigger as your primary, no matter which order you configure your system with what you’ve got today, if you were to enable duplication for most/all of your network shares you’d be limited to only ~140 gigs of effective network share space as that would be all that would be available on the smaller drive.

    Sunday, December 2, 2007 8:20 PM