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  • After installing and uninstalling Resco Explorer trial version, my HTC S740 doesn't auto-lock the device nor does the display switch off anymore.

    This is the fourth time I need to hard reset the whole device and lose all my personal information!

    Apparently, Windows Mobile is not safe enough to keep the phone's functionality untouched from any other software.

    This definitively must change! There must be two completely distinct process areas (registry trees, Windows + System folders etc.) established in Windows Mobile: One for mobile phone programs and functionality and another, separate, for common Windows gadget functionality. They should only be able to communicate via safe RPC communication channels. And, consequently, there should be two distinct reset functionalities.

    Axel Dahmen
    Thursday, June 18, 2009 6:58 PM

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  • i agree with the stability, compared to symbian and other OS options windows mobile is sluggish and buggy, being that its created to be used across a wide variety of hardware without being modified drastically for the hardware this is both its selling feature and its pitfall. i think they are making headway with 6.5, the scrolling and flicking abilities have made it a much more friendly UI but sluggish all the same and things don't tie in well together

    i think a "smart" task manager is needed, one that lets the user decide what programs boot with the phone and stay running in the background and which ones don't. or have several smart configuration options that allow for quicker boot and use of the phone and can shut down unneccessary processes or programs when memory gets low or CPU usage gets too high.

    hopefully microsoft works closer with their app developers as well to make sure their programs run more effieciently with the OS and tie in with it so when i select a phone number in a text message or online i can easily call it or text it, if i find a address i can easily select it to find it in google maps, or start navigation from my current position. if i have a photo or video i can easily upload it to facebook or youtube etc. the key being that WM will recognise the apps on the phone and be able to immediately tie them in with its core functionality. this should be a requirement for apps in windows marketplace

    the current experience is frustrating and annoying compared to the alternatives and if i didn't need this OS for functionality with certain programs it wouldn't have been my choice, i hope future experiences will be as great as my xbox or zune products
    Saturday, July 4, 2009 7:43 PM
  • I've made my decision: I'm through with Windows Mobile 6.1 and the HTC S740. The OS doesn't meet the mark. From my perspective it's an impudence to put them on the market and sell them for money.

    I'm going to sell my used HTC S740 now after using it for eight weeks and I'm going to buy a Nokia... Some phone using an operating system that's supposed to meet the high requirements of operating a mobile phone.
    Monday, July 6, 2009 1:02 AM