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  • I wanted to check out OneCare backup.  It might be better than the Maxtor software I’m using.

    Here are the bad things:

    1.     When you go to configure backups, the wizard is not good.  It’s like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.  (He’s not a very good wizard, is he?)

    2.     It takes a long time for many of the screens to come up.  Some up to 10 seconds.  And on most of those, it doesn’t say what it is doing.  By looking at the screen that comes up, I can’t see why it took so long.  When going to the list of file categories for instance, it should take a second to read the list from the registry or something.  The program should get further details if the user clicks the link to see the details.  (And could even asynchronously get the details even if the user hasn’t clicked for details yet.)

    3.     “Help me buy a new device” goes to a recommendation page that isn’t impressive, and there is only a tiny link at the bottom that goes to the Windows Marketplace, and you aren’t even taken directly to the appropriate products.  (At least they didn’t look appropriate to me:  internal hard drives, for example.)

    4.       It might just be me, but I was confused by having to click [Back] to return to the Select Categories to Back Up screen from the “Exclude certain folders and files” screen.  The first time, I clicked [Ok] because I didn’t notice the [Back] button.   Generally the navigation is a bit odd.

    5.     When you go to “Exclude certain folders and files”, only the drive letters are shown; yet in Explorer (in the Computer window for example) the only drive names are shown…at least on my computer.  (Do you see the problem?)

    6.     I saw something in the help that said that Backup can’t back up exe files and some other files.  Why????

    Good things:

    1.       Some screens are quick.  

    2.       The interface looks nice.

    3.       I like the idea of centrally managed backup with variations for individual PCs.

    4.       I like the feedback I see sometimes telling me what the program is doing when it is slow.

    5.       If it is only backing up files, then there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with future versions.


    1.     If an operation may take a long time, open the next screen, and put a message there saying what the program is doing, and whether the user has to wait or not.  (Sometimes the program can do things asynchronously.)

    2.     When you click “Configure Backup” from the OnceCare summary screen, why not go straight to the Backup Plan dialog?  You have the tabs at the left to configure all PCs or the individual PCs.  You could add a couple bottom or top tabs that would take you to “Select Location”, “Select File Categories”, and “Exclude File Locations” and you could add a couple more help links similar to the More About Backup link for “Help me buy a new device” (a good idea!) and “Manage Backups for all PCs” and “Manage Backups for Individual PCs”.  (Which would explain how to do those tasks.)

    3.   It would be nice to be able to add new categories and change what file types are associated with existing categories.  (Of course, you’d need a “Reset to default values” option.)  Or at least allow the user to uncheck specific file types inside a category details.

    Friday, January 11, 2008 3:44 AM

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  • Thanks for the detailed feedback, Sean.


    Friday, January 11, 2008 4:14 PM