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  • About a year ago I bought a new copy of WinXP because I'd lost my original XP installation disk I received from Dell.  My original XP was Home Edition, the version I bought was WinXP Professional SP2. 

    Everything was working fine until yesterday, when I had to reinstall WinXP due to a bad harddrive corrupting vital system files.  When I ran Windows Update it informed me that I didn't have a valid WinXP key, that my key was a VLK key that was now no longer valid.

    Near as I can tell from reading this forum, that means I got ripped off and I'm out of luck (and out over $100 dollars as well).  My question is this:  using the KeyUpdateTool can I use my original Dell XP Home Edition key in place of the invalid XP Pro Edition key?  I really doubt I can, but thought I'd check here just to see.

    I've since found my original Dell XP installation disk, but it's a very old version of XP (prior even to SP1), so if I have to go back to that it would take me days with a dialup connection to get it updated via Windows Update.  Right now the only thing I'm missing (besides security fixes) that I need Update for is Internet Explorer 7.  But I -really- don't want to spend days messing around with Update on that old version of XP just to go from IE6 to IE7.  I might just live with no updates if it comes to that until I get a new system.

    While I understand Microsoft's desire to stop pirated versions of XP, it seems to me from reading the forums in various places that what you are really doing is punishing people who are just victims of piracy themselves, since I am just one of many who have been ripped off this way.  :/

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006 11:38 AM