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  • bought a computer from a yard sell, and it has windowsxp proffesional on it. it says that it isnt genuin but i have a windowsxp home edition cd that i was going to download instead, but to a recent move i somehow lost the validation key and dont know what to do? is there any way to find the key? i can not afford to purchase another copy. please someone help me?????
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  • Morning Batsonginny,

    Thank you for visiting our forum today. Your best option is to contact the manufacturer's technical support section and request them to send you the recovery software media for the computer. You mentioned downloading Windows XP Home Edition. 
    Under NO circumstances should someone try to download/distribute ISO images for software from a P2P file sharing site or use a second-hand burned copies of software. Research has shown that about half of the software copies available on P2P download sites are infected with root kits, spyware, Trojans, and other potentially harmful malware. One file in particular was very alarming.  This file was an administrator account giving the attacker full control over both your system and data.  I would be very concerned about your system integrity because Windows is non-genuine.

    Hopefully this has helped you.

    Thank you


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