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  • Hi, my laptop is most probably infected by a nasty virus. Since some time it runs very slowly and constantly crashes or freezes up, and the only way I can make it operational again is to take the battery out and boot it up again.

    The avg antivirus software is unable to automatically update its definitions, and when I tried to do this manually, it refused to let me. Moreover, I am unable to surf over to the avg website (just a blank screen appears with the message that it was unable to make a connection). I then proceeded to try to download another antivirus software, avira antivir. I could do so by doing so on another website - CHIP. Running the scan then however did not fix the problem. Indeed, I was even unable to remove the trojan horseTR/Rookit.Gen. It is located in my system driver as tdsspqxt.sys.

    Now, I am unable to visit all kinds of support/anti-virus sites, s.a. mcafee.com, avg.com, avira.com, support.microsoft.com etc. The virus seems intent on that I am unable to fix the problem.

    I am also unable to download the newest service packs from microsoft (as service pack 3).

    Also, I am unable to defragment my hard drive.

    I have an windows xp professional laptop.

    Thank you for your help!

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  • hello there, please run the following   www.superantispyware.com and if that dose not work try running this
    www.malwarebytes.com  copy and paste  one of the links in your browser make sure you update the application and runa  full scann also avg free dose not detect rootkits you needs another free anti virus software like avira. download avira free from here.  http://www.free-av.de/en/trialpay_download/1/avira_antivir_personal__free_antivirus.html copy and paste that link and download the avira software and up date it. as well run malwarebytes or superantispyware. also if you have mse submit the virus samples here https://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/submit.aspx ohh and also if the virus infection is not being removed in normal windows mode try booting into safe mode hope this helps please tell me other wise.
    Sunday, August 9, 2009 7:57 AM
  • The forum you posted to is for the discussion of Microsoft Security Essentials beta.You can get help with malware removal here - https://www.microsoft.com/protect/support/default.mspx

    Jim - MVP Windows Live - Forum Moderator - Live One Care - Live Mesh - Microsoft Security Essentials
    Sunday, August 9, 2009 2:02 PM
  • Hi, I hope that I am on the right thread now.

    Unfortunately, the above reply from gfhgfhjgjgfdh did not work, as I am unable to visit any of the sites suggested. Whatever it is that infected my computer, is preventing me to take any action to clear it up. I am able to visit all other websites with no problem, only the ones that are related to security sites - i.e. anti-virus software sites, are blocked.

    Thus, I really dont know what I should do...I am totally stuck here...

    Any help is greatly appreciated - as my laptop is my "little baby" and i hate to have to abandon an otherwise faithfully working computer, just because of a malware I cant get rid of...

    Regards, Manny
    Sunday, August 9, 2009 8:59 PM
  • You can get live support here - 1-866-727-2338.
    Jim - MVP Windows Live - Forum Moderator - Live One Care - Live Mesh - Microsoft Security Essentials
    Sunday, August 9, 2009 9:36 PM
  • ok do you have another computer you can download superantispyware or malware bytes? if so save it to a usb stick or cd.
    then you will be able to scan with the product. also if you are not able to open your anti virus or any exe files on your computer im sorry to say but unless you have a bootable anti malware cd your best bet is to back up your files and reformat your computer. you should try downloading malwarebytes on another computer before you reformat at all.
    you may have conficker witch blocks security sites. conficker is a worm witch takes advantage of the windows operating system and mostly to computer that have not had the latest operating system patches. the patch for this worm is  Win32/Conficker has multiple propagation methods. These include the following:
    • Exploitation of the vulnerability that is patched by security update 958644 (MS08-067)
    • The use of network shares
    • The use of AutoPlay functionality
    Monday, August 10, 2009 12:06 AM