Help with displaying live web cam recording preview? RRS feed

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  • I'm working on a program that currently records the live feed from the webcam.

    Without cramming code in here i'll simplify explanation of my problem and question.

    I created a LiveDeviceSource and LiveJob. I have a function that does a Start.Encode. This begins recording the video from the webcam. It's in a background thread and works perfectly. Video comes out smooth as silk.

    Now i have an added live preview window. So you see yourself WHILE it is recording. It's in a method in a seperate thread (basically the main UI thread). It uses the same LiveDeviceSource object to display the video.

    This works too, but if I have both of these things running at once the video preview is choppy, and so is the final recording.

    If I remove the preview window and simply record, it's perfectly smooth.

    I tried putting the preview window in it's own background thread. Even had to make a STAThread to make it work. It does not solve this.

    Is it possibly the processing power of my computer slowing it down?

    What way would one go to get a smooth live preview

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