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  • Hello.Sorry if this is not the right place for my question.I want to install 8 virtual machines/virtual desktops on my home desktop pc (and only for my own personal use and all the 8 machines will run at the same time) and i want to be able to choose what internet connection i want for every of the 8 virtual machines/desktops (curently i have 1 Isp1 cable conection and 1 Isp2 hsdpa Usb modem = 2 internet conections but i intend to buy several subscriptions to other Isp-s so that i'll have completely different Ip's). My Os is win 7 professional 64bit and i intend on each of the 8 machines to install Win xp. You think i need a Type 1 hypervisor for this or What do you think is the best software that i should use ? Thank's
    Saturday, April 9, 2011 4:42 PM

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  • hi corsarr,

    yes you are in the wrong forum.

    but in short what you need is this:

    - windows 2008r2 server sp1 running hyper-v  -- (windows 7 - use VMware 2.01 but not as stable as hyper-v in windows environment)

    - you need a juniper or cisco router that allows you to a) receive multiple ISPs  b) create "virtual routers" inside the juniper or cisco switches  (i am know more about juniper stuff - google netscreen virtual routers)

    - then you will need to create 8 different gateway IPs with the juniper or cisco router

    - easiest way on the VM or hyper-v side is to create 8 different subnets that corresponds to the gateway

    ie: virtual router 1 - gateway: --- subnet: 10.0.10.x
         virtual router 2 - gateway: --- subnet: 10.0.20.x
    and so on.

    But DHCP will have to be disabled and the VM machines need to be hard coded with the corresponding IPs.

    The other possible way is using a USB hub and and connecting 8 USB modem/ISP.  I have seen cable modems and DSL modems that allow you to use USB connection instead of rj45 cables.  In this case, i recommend using VMware 2.0 on a windows 64-bit operating system and what you do is assign each VM to connect physically to the assigned USB modem of your choice.  Just make sure you enable USB connection for each VM and tell each VM which USB port you want.

    I've done this before to get around legacy software issue and ran XP on my windows 7 64bit and installed XP usb drivers on the XP VM (however you must have the 64-bit drivers for windows 7 as well for this to work)

    hope this helps.

    Monday, April 11, 2011 6:21 AM