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  • Trying to use a custom domain name I purchased from GoDaddy for WHS2011 ( instead of *.homeserver.com for RDP).  When configuring/setup of remote access feature in WHS I

    1) enter custom domain_name.com

    2) enter GoDaddy account credentials

    But WHS2011 returns message "the process cannot be completed at this time"  (nothing more).


    I tried this many times on multiple days, the last of which I was on the phone with Go Daddy support who said my problem may be because I need a SSL certificate.... which they preceded to sell (a first for tech support call).

    Now I own an SSL cert and generated CSR according to 7 page "help" that Go Daddy provided here  but still cannot get remote desktop access to work.  All required router ports are open/forwarded correctly. 

    Do I even need an SSL certificate?  I used WHS v1 for long time successfully without one ( but without a custom domain name either?)  Is DynDNS service I use causing the problem?

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    Sunday, July 24, 2011 4:56 PM

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  • Hi,

    I'm new to the forum and new to WHS11 (and Windows networking in general; I'm an old Netware user) and I have the same problem.  I thought I would reply to this to bump it back up in the hopes that someone has a solution or can recommend a good tutorial on the whole process of setting up remote access.  The lack of documentation from Microsoft is appalling.

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to start trying to debug this?  An hour spent on the phone with GoDaddy tech support AFTER I purchased a domain name and then an SSL certificate to try to get this to work.

    Thanks in advance.

    Saturday, September 3, 2011 10:52 PM
  • I have the same problem. I bought SSL certificate for remote.customdomain.info from Godaddy for an existing domain.  I had to install it manually, I followed every step one by one.

    I am getting an error " an error occured while setting up domain". Dashbard enable Remote web access can not  Link SSL certificate with domain for Godaddy.  . 

    *** Issue: ***   I can not register an existing domain name from GoDaddy using enable Remote web access wizard in whs 2011 dashboaed, even though I completed all SSL certificate imports and also my router has passed the setup/configuration.

    I am behind a cable router. I need to configure my Godaddy account for  DDNS dynamic dns. Normally GoDaddy wizard supposed to do this automatically. 

    I have not tried remotely accessing w/o DDNS configuration.  Microsoft and GoDaddy does not have a good technical documentation on this.  I could not find a tech doc to provide information on this isssue.


    Setting up WHS 2011 has been a night mare. Many days has been lost unproductively because Microsoft did not complete the programming and did not document setup issues. I can't believe Microsoft would release a product under with "Home Server" more difficult to configure than "standard business server". 

    Sunday, October 30, 2011 5:58 AM