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  • I have a new Sony Laptop (cw21fx) running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with a core I3-330m processor, 4 gb of memory and a G310m GPU.  I have installed Windows 7 XP Mode to allow me to run some old Win 95 apps.  The XP Mode and apps run ok until the laptop goes to sleep after a period of inactivity.  After resuming from sleep mode it will get a blue screen that appears to be from the BIOS indicating a hardware failure.  Sometimes I see a Micosoft BSOD afterwards indicating a memory problem.  In one case the code was 7F.  In other cases XP Mode will be restarting Windows XP and will indicate it is recovering from a serious error.  The third failure mode has a dead keyboard and mouse and requires a power down to recover.  Sony has had me run the hardware diagnostics. reset the BIOS to the defaults and do a complete system recovery.  During the recovery I did not install any windows or Sony updates, other applications or security software and it still fails.  The BIOS is the most current for this computer.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to a fix?  If you have the patience to read on I will tell you the rest of the story.

    This is the second new laptop this week.  The first one was an HP DV4-2167SB also with a core I3-330m processor, 4 gb of memory, Intel HD integrated graphics and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.  I get similar errors with th HP as I do with the Sony.  The story with HP tech support is the same as with Sony tech support.  I ran the diagnostics, updated the Bios and did a complete system recovery with the same results as above.  This leads me to believe it is related to the Core I3 processor or possibly problems in the early BIOS for this CPU.

    I have two other laptops both with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and 4 gb of memory.  Both have run XP mode continuosly with no problems for the last couple of months including resuming from sleep mode many times each day.  One is an old AMD Turion TL52 with an Nvidia 6150 graphic card and the other is a P8400 Core 2 duo with an Nvidia 9600m GT graphics card.   Any suggestions would be greatly appiciated.

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