Using IMAP Access on Ex2007, need to use non-standard port for SMTP RRS feed

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  • We have Exchange 2007 installed and config'd for IMAP access.  Incoming email directed to port 25 which is pointed at Barracuda (our spam filter).  Barracuda passes valid messages through to Exchange for processing.  Now here's the rub.....

    We need to allow Exchange to relay messages from remote connections for sending.  But when users attempt to connect to port 25 from their email clients, Barracuda grabs the connection and of course doesn't allow the relaying.

    We thought that we'd set Exchange to listen on a non-standard port (such as 2525) and then set the email clients to use that non-standard port.

    But Exchange doesn't seem to like the non-standard port idea.  Anyone out there have any suggestions?

    Thursday, June 18, 2009 2:38 AM