Microsoft Test Manager 2015 - Internal Error TF400898 when trying to access the Test link in our TFS website RRS feed

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  • Hi.  We have Microsoft Test Manager 2015 installed (and we have a Visual Studio Enterprise 2015).  We are able to enter and run testcases successfully in Test Manager, but when we try to access the TEST link in our TFS website, we get the following error below.  This happens for users that have ADVANCED permissions in TFS.  (We tried enabling Browse in the _scripts directory, but are still seeing the problem.)  

    TF400898: An Internal Error Occurred.
    Error: TF400898: An Internal Error Occurred.
        at http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/TfsPresentationCoreJs?v=udUD-3kS6a2h6XMUkhemWSn__DNIopn-FdkSetlNXoM1:22:1626
        at nt (http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/TfsPresentationCoreJs?v=udUD-3kS6a2h6XMUkhemWSn__DNIopn-FdkSetlNXoM1:22:893)
        at Object.error (http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/TfsPresentationCoreJs?v=udUD-3kS6a2h6XMUkhemWSn__DNIopn-FdkSetlNXoM1:22:1263)
        at j (http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs:2:26860)
        at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs:2:27673)
        at x (http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs:4:11145)
        at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (http://xxxxx/tfs/_static/tfs/Dev14.M95.2/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs:4:14767)
    Session Id: 7059a3bc-942f-4e31-9b5a-20e748454df7

    Wednesday, June 29, 2016 9:21 PM


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