No ring tone or ring back on incoming and internal calls. RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I have a problem regarding MOC 2007 2.0.6362.129, OCS 2007 and MCM I have a setup with one pbx (cs1k), two mcm's (mcm1 & mcm2) , two mediation servers (med1 & med2). Med1 & Med 2 has different location profiles. All users using mcm1 & med1 can make, and receive internal and external(pstn) calls with no problems. When user using mcm2 & med2 get incomming calls from PSTN the MOC will not ring, the pop-up will show in the down-right corner but there is no sound. Once a user answers the call the RTP is set up correctly. If a user using mcm2 & med2 calls a user using mcm1 & med1 there is no ring tone for the user on mcm2 & med2. But the phone rings on the mcm1 & med1 user. Once answered the RTP is setup correctly.

                  Location profile1
    PBX---                                 |----ocs----users
                Location profile2

    So I've been doing all kinds of tracing and I cant find the error. It looks like the moc isnt getting all the signaling the it needs, but on the other hand I can answer calls and hang up calls using mcm2 & med2. 

    Please advice

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    Thursday, May 14, 2009 5:14 PM