How Microsoft put a legg to Symantec Bexec Console RRS feed

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  • I work in a financial institution.

    On Windows 10 Pro systems, we have problem with MS Hotfix and updates based on .Net 4.8.x.

    Those updates  crash Symantec Bexec Remote Console, version 15.

    Every time, for several motnhs, when MS send to su updates of .Net 4.8, we must to remove them, so we could work.

    I just can not beleive, that so far nobody claim these sysrem mistake.

    Symantec Remote Console can work with Win 10 pro default .Net, based on 3.5 version.

    We, of course could not stop those updates of 4.8, because every time it is Critical Security Update, and every time we must investigate which is KB this time, that stop us from working.

    MS Team, for God sake!   Find that mistake, which is crushing Symantec Remote Console.

    Of course, it is all same on Windows 7 enterprise x64, but, here we can stop those updates.

    It is not nessesary to count all KB..... it is all .Net 4.8.x, also pure instalation is in confontation with Symantec.


    Friday, October 25, 2019 4:37 PM