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  • I have already specified PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER and using SwapBuffers function to draw directly to my monitor, but I notice that the output image is flickering, and I have already learnt in the past, in computer graphics, that flickering is the result of single buffering rendering, and double buffering solves the flickering problem. In GDI applications, I am always using the BitBlt function to have double buffering, and there are no flickering. I expected that SwapBuffers will work the same as BitBlt, but I still see the output image flickering. What's wrong? What's going on? I have already googled and followed OpenGL tutorials on the internet, and they say that to have double buffering in OpenGL applications, you must specify PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER and use the SwapBuffers function, and you should not notice any flickering in the output image. I did exactly what they say that I should do, but I still notice flickering. I am shocked and I don't know what to do anymore. I need your help.
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