Routing Modem audio out to SR engine audio input under VB / VBA RRS feed

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  • in reference to the http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms717068(VS.85).aspx  Telephony Speech recognition
    I have a database application developed around Access with VBA,
    I have used the Speech SDK and developed an application that in conjunction with TAPI (using MSCOMM 6.0) calls into a remote IVR system. It sends in the credentials and queries information in response to that IVR's verbal requests. All seems successfull except for one problem;
    I'm using a shared SR engine and its using the system microphone as its audio input, this in turn gets the sound from the speakers which are routed to the telephone line through the modem. Of course this has a number of disadvantages - noise added to the sound from the environment and sound quality degredation as well as speaker volume dependency. 
    Ideally I would like the SR engine to take its audio input from the modem in paralell with the sound that goes to the speakers (so we can listen in to the call as well). This means that I must route the system audio output to the SR engine audio input. I also must use an InProc SR instance since the shared uses the microphone as input by default.
    I am not sure how I can accomplish this since the system Audio output - or the modem output stream seems to have an "output" type and I was unable to set the SR audio input to that stream in VB.
    As needed I can accomplish the C++ interface using an ActiveX object or a DLL to expose the missing API to VBA    
    I would appreciate any suggestions in this or any code if such is available
    Friday, May 15, 2009 1:19 AM

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