Problems Accessing Shared Files & Printers on a Vista Basic/XP Network RRS feed

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  • First, I have read the http://technet.microsfot.com/en-us/library/bb727037.aspx article and applied all information as indicated. I am using Iolo Firewall and have adjusted the settings as directed for the respective operating system. Also, this network was allowing access for a couple of months but now I'm encountering problems accessing shared Filed & Printers from some computers on the system and I recieve the following error message.
    "\\PC1\My Documents is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the Administrator of this server to find out if you have access permisstion.

    Not enough server storage is avilable to process this command."

    There are three computers on my network, setup through a router (not a server) via ethernet--however, the laptop can and has connected via wireless. One PC runs XP Home, 1 PC runs XP Pro and the Laptop runs Vista Basic. The workgroup for all computers is MSHOME--I changed the workgroup on the Laptop when I originally setup the network and all worked correctly. The first two computers setup were the XP Home and Vista Basic. The XP Pro was added a year later and, initially, all computers where able to access, read, write and change shared files and printe to shared printers. This work for about a month when the above message started appearing when I attempted to open "My Documents" that were on the XP Pro from the Vista Basic. The access now has changed to the following:
    1. vista Basic Laptop can access XP Home PC shared documents and printers but not the XP Pro PC.
    2. XP Home PC can access Vista Basic Laptop shared documents and printers but cannot access XP Pro PC.
    3 XP Pro PC can Access both the Vista Basic Laptop and XP Home PC shared documents and printers but it doesn't work the other directions.

    Now the really interesting twist to all of this:
    When I open "My Network Places" on the XP Pro PC (the one that has caused all of this) I can see all computers. I can open the document files and printers that I have setup as shared files and printers the XP Home PC and the Vista Basic Laptop. I can copy documents to or from either with the XP Pro PC. However, still using the XP Pro "My Network Places," when I try the open the Documents files that I have shared on the XP Pro PC, I once again get the above error message. In other words, I can't even access the shared documents on the same machine as I'm trying to access through the My Network Places!

    I've tested the ISPStackSize to no avail. I've also verified the files and printers are properly marked for sharing with full access. I've checked that all computers are in the same workgroup and I've checked the Firewall on all computers for the proper configuration dependent on the Operating system requirements. It almost appears that somewhere the proper permission is not setup but I am the user on all the computers and my user profile is setup as administrator on all computers (using the identical name on all computers).

    The error message appears, to me< to be addressing two different reasons for non-access but I can't find any problems in either area. Am I just crazy or hasn't anyone else encountered this problem? I need help!!!!!
    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 4:47 PM