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  • I am not a developer.  I am not sure what forum to use for this question.

    I have a new home HP desktop computer.  I was using the program PCMover to transfer programs and data files from my old computer (running Windows 7) to my new one (running Windows 10). The internet connections on both computers were disabled, anti-virus and firewall protection were not running on either computer, automatic Windows updates was turned off on both computers, per the PCMover instructions.  The old and new computers were connected via an Ethernet cable.   I was just selecting the items to transfer (I had NOT begun the actual transfer process) when the screen froze (no error message).  I was advised by PCMover support to close the program.  Tried running PCMover again, tried uninstalling and reinstalling PCMover and each time I receive the following error message:
    Communication Object
    cannot be used for communication because it is in a Faulted state

    What does this mean?  Is it a computer HP problem, Windows problem, PCMover (Laplink) problem?  Would a system restore fix the faulted state?
    If I ignore this error message (and use an alternate method to transfer items from the old to new computer) will the error message appear again when I am doing some other activity?
    Thursday, February 6, 2020 5:09 PM