how to call ebay FIndAPI in vb.net? RRS feed

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  • I have been trying to call the ebay finding api but have had no success so far. It displays nothing in the output pane when I run the code:

     Dim apiContext As ApiContext = GetApiContext()
            'Instantiate the API call-specific call wrapper class
            Dim apiCall2 As GetItemCall = New GetItemCall(apiContext)
            Dim b As PaginationInput = New PaginationInput
            b.entriesPerPage = 4
            'b.pageNumber = 1
            Dim finditemrequest As FindItemsByKeywordsRequest = New FindItemsByKeywordsRequest
            Dim finditemresponse As FindCompletedItemsResponse = New FindCompletedItemsResponse
            Dim what As SearchResult
            finditemrequest.keywords = "tin"
            finditemrequest.paginationInput = b
            what = finditemresponse.searchResult
            'Dim endprice As AmountType
            '  endprice = itemtype.BiddingDetails.MaxBid
            Console.WriteLine("eBay item price: " + what.item(0).listingInfo.buyItNowPrice.ToString)
    I want to find the buyitnow price or highest bid of an auction that has ended of a tin can on ebay for my sample usage first before I do anything else. If some knows how to do highest price though I can start from their.

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    I suggest you post this issue in the developer forum of the publisher for dedicated support.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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  • Specifically, eBay has a developers forum:



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  • It seems you are now using a kind of JavaScript reference in VB (just when I look at your code)

    Did you download the Net SDK from Ebay?


    In Net we don't talk about API's (some marketing guys do), but about objects and classes.


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