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  • I'm about ready to burn my streets and trips software box in protest!  If there were another software that worked I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Talk about frustrated!!

    What I want to do seems sooooo simple.  I added 5 places to my trip by clicking on Add to Route and finding the addresses.  So far so good.  I have nice little yellow squares that are numbered and in the right place on the map.  Then, I needed to rename the stops, so I did - right click and change the name.   No problem.  Now, I just need to see the addresses of the stops.  But NO!  It won't show me the addresses of the stops I have put in.  So, I think, let's use push pins.  But when I insert a pushpin, it won't move to the correct location - I have to move it manually to try and get it in the right place.  Oh, I guess I could go and create a spreadsheet and import them.  Hassle - oh, and then what if I decide to add or remove a stop?  Good grief.  

    Second item.  How do I change the route that S&T has chosen?  I would prefer to use a different route on the way to my destination - but I cannot find anything telling me how to change the roads/highways I would prefer to use.  

    Can anyone help me with this??   

    Friday, October 5, 2012 11:35 PM

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  • Hi Eb - Don't light the match yet ; )

    Hmmm...yeah - I see what you mean - if you use the 'Add to Route' tool to add your addresses - then change the name within the Route Planner window - you do lose the address of the stop that had showed in the Route Planner Window  (and yeah, all you have is a small box with a number on your map).

    If you rename the stop, I don't see a work around in Route Planner.

    How bout this:  rather than using the Route Planner 'Add to Route' feature to find addresses - try using the find a location search box to plot your addresses.  Plot the address - then right click on the pushpin and choose 'add as stop' (or start, or end...you get the idea).

    Now if you change the name of the stop - you'll still have the address info showing in the pushpin balloon....and the stop name will show in Route Planner.

    As far as manually changing the route:  If you mouse over the route (in blue) - your cursor should become a 'Hand'....you can then left click and drag your route to the road you want.

    You can also avoid roads you don't want to travel on by right clicking,  drawing a box, then right clicking inside it, and choosing 'Avoid area'.  S&T routing will now not use this road.

    Eb - there are some free S&T video tutorials available for you to check out at www.mypointsales.com  I think you'll find these useful.

    Hope this helps!


    Keith O'Brien

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012 1:32 AM