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  • I just purchased a new laptop with Visa Home Premium.  I've been using XP for years on my two desktops and old laptop.


    One desktop contains about 30 "Master Files" that I want to share/have access to by the other two computers.  I have been using Offline files and it has worked great.  When my laptop is connected to the network, I'm accessing the network version of the files. 


    When I'm offline, I can work with the files and when i reconnect to the network, everything syncs perfectly.  Also, if my wife has a file open (ex Quicken) and i try to access the file, I get locked out - which I like. Or if I try and access a particular Word file that is open on another computer, it show as read only.  If i run into a duplicate file issue, Offline Files lets me know and I have several options to resolve the probem.  


    I do not have thousands of files like many who have posted to this forum. 


    Much to my chagrin, Visa Home Premium does NOT support Offline Files,  You have to get Vista Business.



    1.  Will SyncToy 1.14 or 2.0 allow me to easily accomplish what Offline Files does?

    2.  Is there a better option?

    3.  Suggestions?



    Wednesday, June 4, 2008 3:28 AM

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  • I am about to buy my first vista PC and have exactly the same question as you have regarding synctoy vs offline files.


    Did you ever find out the answer?


    Looks like you received no answer for 4 months, I can't believe there aren't a lot of people who have the same need


    Thursday, October 23, 2008 3:34 AM