some preview selections cannot be unchecked RRS feed

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  • why cannot I uncheck some of the preview selections?  I unchecked the files that were to be created in the directories, but I cannot uncheck the creation of the directories.  The directories already exist and since I unchecked their deletion there should be no need to re-create them in the first place.  The checkboxes are not grayed out, so it should be possible to uncheck them. 

    This problem arose as follows:  A directory "bluray" of 8 files and 20 or so subdirectories was mistakenly pasted into the wrong location on drive "X_backup".  That drive was then moved to the system that had drive "X" and the synctoy program.  Drive "X" had that directory in the correct location unlike drive "X_backup".  I then corrected the problem by moving "bluray" to its correct location on drive "X_backup".  I then ran synctoy 2.1 which should have found that everything was sync'ed.  It did not, Instead, it wanted to re-create the original problem and then fix it and would leave a "bluray.1" which I would have to delete.  I then attempted to uncheck all events related to "bluray" but could not uncheck the creation of the subdirectories that were in "bluray" on the original "X" drive.  Those directories already existed and there was no need to create them.  Deleting all the ".dat" files in ".\AppData\Local\whatever\synctoy" did not solve this problem but deleteing all the "bin" files down there did and when I started synctoy back up it found that the two drives were sync'ed.  It should have been able to figure this out without having those bin files deleted.


    Sunday, April 3, 2011 2:25 PM