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  • I have an application that is using the ExchangeWebServiceMailBinding to send messages to windows mobile devices.  The server component also polls the exchange server for any new incoming messages using myInputChannel.Receive(New TimeSpan(0,0,10)) and then processes these messages for the application.

    Since Nov. 1, a new condition has started showing up on a production environment that I have not been able to track down.

    About once a day (sometimes twice), the application (a background windows service) can no longer communicate with the exchange server.  Instead it exceptions out.   The underlying stack trace indicates an Http 503 (service unavailable) error.

    This exception will continue to occur until I restart the service.  At this point in time, the system works well again.

    The code is setup to null out the old transport and create a new transport (with underlying bindings, channel factory, and input/output channels) if an exception occurs.   This does not relieve the problem.

    The error condition usually happens in the morning but not at the same time each day.

    I can manually connect to the exchange web service in the browser (basically showing the wsdl page) while the 503 error is occurring in the background service, and I can also use the outlook webapp with no problem.

    The other issue is that I am not an exchange expert and I currently am not allowed access to the exchange server.

    Any suggestions that I might try?

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