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  • Hi everybody,

    I have an older laptop which I allow my 16 year old son to use (although it's my work laptop). Yesterday I had very bad connection with MSDN forums and many other forums and I suspected I may have a virus. I ran Antivirus I had, spyboot destroy and also installed and ran Malware Bytes. I then also ran Windows Updates (there were 58 different updates). After that the laptop started to operate normally. I have Windows 7 on this laptop and refuse to install Windows 10 on it (I have newer work laptop with Windows 10 and the latest software).

    Today I noticed that when I try to open threads from this site I see 'waiting for webtrends.com and c.microsoft.com' before actually connecting to MSDN sites. I did a quick Google search on 'webtrends virus', found instructions how to remove cookies and then removed all cookies for a good measure. I am also running malware bytes scan again right now.

    I am wondering if these 2 sites may indicate that I have a virus. Also, what may I do to make sure that laptop doesn't have one?

    Thanks in advance.

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