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    I dont know where to post this but here goes. Ive recently been upgrading our CRM 3 invorments and found loads of issues and had to work around them. The main objective was to get our Dev,Stg and live servers in sync again to test CRM 4 upgrade

    1) The Redeployment of CRM 3 would not work throing out an error 
     An error occurred when populating Microsoft CRM user groups. Ensure that CRM user accounts are accessible from the current domain ....

    This error happened on the first enabled user on the database as it skipped the previous ones that wernt. The workaround was to disable all the users in the database by setting IsDisabled = True

    2) The CRM 3 instalation would not complete as it had an error about a fiel it could not overwrite. To get around this make sure everything is deleted from the program files in crm folder

    3) CRM 3 will not install to a sql Cluster. You have to edit the registry to get it to skip this step under the checks.

    4) During install it will give an error if you have now forgoten to change back the crm admin by setting both as enabled and as setup user which had to be changed during the redeployment

    Im at the moment stuck at installing crm 4 and have a thread open with that issue aswell as a call with microsoft themselfs about this issue

    Hope these small things help someone else out there

    Kind Regards

    Friday, May 8, 2009 12:04 PM